Our mission

…is to finally create one complete database of all known rocks, boulders, caves, towers, bridges and everything else that can be climbed. Because we believe that every crag is worth mapping so others will know the history – who did it, when, and who else climbed it too. And when this crag is mapped and taken care of by locals then all the money from this work should go back to the locals.

That’s the reason why we’ve teamed up with 27crags.com and Epic.TV in our mission to help locals all over the world with mapping and publishing their crags so all new climbers will know where to park, go for climbing and how to behave in this area.

If you are a local and would like to team up with us, just write us and we will be happy to have you on board!

Do you want to create a topo for your area?

Let us know and we’ll try to help you with getting your topo professionally published on 27crags while keeping your earnings!

Get 2 400+ Premium topos in your pocket with

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Get premium climbing topos for Frankenjura, Arco, Rocklands, Albarracin, Magic Wood and many others in one app.


Topo making
We believe that every crag should be mapped so all climbers know if they've made the FA or not.
Enviromental care
We take care about our planet so we organise events such as group trash picking, rocks cleaning etc.
When going outdoors you need to know how not just how to get there and what to climb but most importantly how to behave. We organise events for climbers of all levels.
We give back to the community what we get. We finance rebolting routes, cleaning areas, opening new crags and much more


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