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We are preparing an up-to-date climbing guide for you to a beautiful climbing area that is located just a short distance from the city center, but still in a quiet and natural environment. The rocks are concentrated in a discontinuous strip along the Metuje River, from the ruins of Výrov Castle to Krčín. A section of approximately 400 meters is used for climbing pleasure. The rocks are made of claystones, also known as sandstone. The attached maps provide a clear overview of how to get here and where to find the individual walls.

HIS is not just about climbing, but also about a pleasant sitting area, a campfire and a children’s corner. You can enjoy the quiet moments right along the Metuje River. Every year, a number of events are held here, such as the Opening of the Season, the Children’s and Adult HISmarathon, the Picle CUP, the Long Night and more. HIS is a meeting place, not only for climbers, but for everyone who wants to spend pleasant moments in nature.

Historical overview of HIS:

The beginnings of climbing in this area date back to 1977, when the first climbing event was organized by Jiří “Balanšón” Balaš, Lubomír “Lofi” Imlauf and Aleš “Alláh” Skalák. The first documented ascent was captured on February 19, 1977 in the wall to the left of the “HIS Roof”.

Since then, the area has been gradually improved and modified. The route markings have been changed and improved, up to today’s state. In 1993, the area became a popular spot for climbing activities again. This led to improved access, the installation of safety equipment and the gradual revival of the area.

Modern era of HIS:

From 2007 to 2011, there was a significant strengthening of the climbing spirit of HIS. During this time, a vast system of routes was built, offering more than 100 diverse ascents with difficulty ratings from 2 to 8 UIAA. Regular maintenance and innovation ensure that the walls are in optimal condition for climbing. In 2015 and 2016, the area expanded and offers new opportunities for climbing and other activities, such as the MTB park.

Characteristics of the HIS area:

Wall height: 7-15 meters Type of climbing: strength Number of stands: 102 Number of routes: 120 Safety: sports Character: diverse ledges Orientation of the walls: east Sun: morning (in the summer with pleasant shade) Availability: very good (suitable for families with children)

However, we remind all climbers that climbing is at your own risk! Enjoy the beautiful climbing in this great HIS area.


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