FrictionLabs Gorilla Grip


If you’re looking for a chalk that can handle any challenge, look no further than Gorilla Grip. This is the ultimate choice for climbers who want to push their limits and stay in control.

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Gorilla Grip is made from the same high-quality Magnesium Carbonate as our other blends, but with a chunky texture that gives you a strong and reliable grip. Whether you’re climbing on slick limestone, rough granite, or anything in between, Gorilla Grip will help you stick to the smallest holds and avoid slipping.

Gorilla Grip is also gentle on your skin, thanks to our careful refining process that removes harmful fillers and additives. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you try it – no more dryness, cracking, or irritation. Just pure performance and comfort.

Don’t settle for generic chalk that wears off quickly and leaves you hanging. Choose Gorilla Grip and unleash your inner beast. Trust us, your hands will thank you.

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