Our mission

At StoneHuggers, our mission is to build a comprehensive database encompassing all known rocks, boulders, caves, towers, bridges, and other climbing spots. We firmly believe that every crag has a story to tell – who made the FA, when it happened, and who else followed suit. By mapping and preserving these crags with the help of dedicated locals, we ensure that the proceeds generated from this work benefit the communities directly.

That’s why we’ve joined forces with 27crags.com and FrictionLabs to assist local climbers worldwide in mapping and publishing their beloved crags. By sharing vital information like parking details, climbing routes, and local guidelines, we empower new climbers to explore and respect these areas responsibly.

Our Topos

Calling All Locals: Join Our Mission!

Do you aspire to create a topo for your region? Let us know, and we’ll strive to help you professionally publish it on 27crags while ensuring you earn from your hard work!

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Browse through our extensive collection of premium topos, featuring over 3,400 destinations. With our partner 27crags, you’ll gain access to the best climbing topos for renowned locations like Frankenjura, Arco, Rocklands, Albarracin, Magic Wood, and many more – all conveniently available in one app.

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